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New Feature: CV Review Service

It’s that time of the year: boats are setting off around the country, ready to begin their new seasons out on the water, with fresh coats of paint on their topsides. Here at SaltyJobs we’re also keeping things fresh and are excited to announce the launch of a new feature: SaltyCVs Review Service.

Our ‘Submit Your CV’ area of the website has always been popular, and we are continually building a valuable source of people passionate about and experienced with working in a wide range of sectors within the marine industry.

The jobs advertised on SaltyJobs also receive applications and CVs from strong candidates – and not-so-strong candidates.

We often come across CVs that we would love to update and tidy up in order to reflect the skills and experience that we know the candidate has, but isn’t always obvious from a first glance. We’ve also seen people keen to apply for a job we are advertising, but hesitant because they know their CVs need work.

Lots of people find writing and editing their CV a very stressful and time-consuming process, with many questions about what works and what is considered best professional practice.

SaltyJobs is a young business, and we are looking to continually grow and respond to how our community are already using our website. Our goal is to inspire people to work in the marine industry, and help them find opportunities to do so, and we want to keep exploring new ways of doing this.

By launching our SaltyCVs Review Service, we will give people an extra burst of inspiration to achieve their dreams of working in the marine industry, and equip them with a professionally tailored CV ready to launch them into their next opportunity.

Keeping accessibility in mind, CV Reviews are priced at £50 each, with a three working day turnaround. All CVs submitted for our review service get a free SaltyJobs t’shirt as a limited introductory offer.

Click to go to the SaltyCVs Review Service


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