saltyjobs-competition-t-shirtsSaltyJobs Competition

Have you got your hands on a SaltyJobs t-shirt yet?

You might have noticed, they are only available in bright white, in men’s and ladies’ fit. They’re locally screen printed in Devon, with the SaltyJobs logo in two-colour bright blue/green.

Yes, we know, they look awesome. And yes, we know, white isn’t a very practical colour on a boat…

…but it’s OK, we did it on purpose.

saltyjobs-competition-t-shirtsThe Challenge

If you’ve got a SaltyJobs t-shirt, your challenge is to get it as salty as possible doing lots of salty jobs in it.

Wear it sailing.

Wear it to the pub with your crew.

Wear it doing maintenance.

Wear it in refit.

Get it salty.

And then share it with us on our Facebook page, just like the SaltyJobs crew have already been doing. Enter our SaltyJobs competition.


The Winner

Every month, the most salty SaltyJobs t-shirt photo submitted wins a prize.

It’s up to you (and us) how to interpret ‘the most salty’, but that’s the only judging criteria, so use your imagination.

Each month’s competition will run for its duration, starting on the 1st and finishing on the last calendar day of the month.

The Prize

The prize, of course, is a brand spanking new SaltyJobs t-shirt (and we’ll chuck in a few wristbands).

Yours to wear, to keep smart, to get salty and enter the competition again, or to give to a salty friend.

Get a T-Shirt

If you haven’t already got your hands on a SaltyJobs t-shirt from one of our maritime events over the summer, don’t worry.

We have a limited edition stock available of t-shirts in men’s & ladies’ fit. These are available to buy from the SaltyJobs online swag store here:

As a special launch offer, t-shirts are currently £15 instead of £20. They also come with FREE UK P&P and a FREE SaltyJobs wristband. See all current special offers here.

Enter Now

Get your t-shirt, get creative, get salty and get involved.

Submit your t-shirt photos by posting them on our Facebook page. We’ll share the best and announce one winner every month. If you don’t use Facebook but want to enter, email your photo to


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