One of the biggest things that inspired us to set up SaltyJobs in the first place was hearing so many awesome stories from our friends out there working on & around boats. There are many tales to tell, that would really inspire others to follow similar paths. The ethos behind SaltyJobs is to really inspire people to work in the marine industry. 

One of the ways we do this is by telling the story behind the jobs, giving you a real insight into this salty world. And no better storyteller than you. 

This section is dedicated to stories of the sea and the shores which surround it. The stories are told by you, the salty folk out there working or dreaming of working in our industry.



Want to tell a tale of the high seas, or a story from the shore? Send us a message or leave a comment. We’ll be happy to give your voice a platform, and help inspire others into the marine industry.

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