Welcome to the SaltyJobs Employer Dashboard

This is your Employer Dashboard page. As a logged-in employer, you can:

  • View & edit published job listings
  • Review and keep track of job applications
  • View and download job application letters and CVs
  • View contact details for job applicants to contact them directly
  • Save private notes and star ratings to help organise candidates

It’s up to you to take your applications further. Contact us if you need a hand or have any questions.

Your Jobs & Candidate Applications

How It Works

Using the Employer Dashboard, you can login and view your live job applications on SaltyJobs. We’ll set up an account for you as part of your Membership or job posting. When people apply for your job, their applications – a covering letter and attached CV – are stored in the Dashboard Database.

As a registered employer, you can directly access applications to your job(s). Just login and view your Employer Dashboard below. Click on the numbers underneath ‘APPLICATIONS’ to view all applications for each role.


We take privacy extremely seriously. 

All data must be treated as highly confidential. Under no circumstances may login data or accounts be shared; we have systems to monitor this. Under no circumstances must applicants’ data be shared for any reason other than the purposes of their application for the role they applied for. 

Please read through our Privacy Policy and ensure that your organisation also complies with best working practices before handling applicants’ private data. Our current privacy considerations are in line with the new May 2018 GDPR regulations. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please Keep In Mind

Additionally, when responding to applicants, please keep up the SaltyJobs ethos and reply to applicants individually. Many applicants often contact us before applying, and are really enthusiastic about the job. 

We are proud of the overall quality of SaltyJobs applications and want to respect the effort people take to find work. Please do not send generic/group emails in response to applicants, and try and give useful feedback where appropriate.

Get In Touch

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about:

  • Using your account
  • Comments about future development
  • Ideas about working together
  • …and any kind words are also lovely to hear

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