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Includes a free Salty t-shirt & wristband.
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SaltyJobs Offer FREE 
Product SaltyJobs Crew Pack
Includes SaltyJobs t-shirt (mens/ladies S-XXL), wristband/keyring & mini SaltyJobs cards
Usual Price £25
SaltyJobs Members’ Price £FREE

SaltyJobs Crew Pack 

Get a free SaltyJobs Crew Pack with every Membership!

What’s In The Crew Pack

We’ll post you a SaltyJobs crew pack, including…

  • SaltyJobs t-shirt (men’s or ladies, S-XXL)
  • SaltyJobs wristband/keyring
  • SaltyJobs mini cards 

The Offer

Our SaltyJobs crew packs are normally £25, which is already good value… this offer gives you a totally free Crew Pack with your SaltyJobs Crew Membership.

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