Deirdre bed slats

Did you have a salty weekend?

So, it’s Monday afternoon right now. Perhaps you started your working week again this morning, or maybe your working hours are a little more unusual so you don’t actually know which day of the week it is…

Anyway, at the weekend, the SaltyJobs crew got up to some fun stuff. We visited the Gosport Boat Jumble, which is the third rendition of this surprisingly large and interesting collection of stalls from mostly private sellers.

There were lots of good boaty bits, and a particularly impressive selection for those of us who enjoy the classic and traditional side of sailing. You can tell that many of the stallholders do this as a business, finding their own niche of boaty items to sell at boat jumbles and some through their own chandlery websites too. It’s an entrepreneurial way to create a job for yourself in the marine industry, and there really are so many niches within it that you could work around your passion.

After lots of haggling, we got a good haul. Here were a couple of our more esoteric favourites:

Boat jumble

A boat jumble alone wasn’t salty enough for us though. We had to have a go at our own DIY boatbuilding too. Throughout the week, a plan was hatched to convert Deirdre’s two single saloon bunks into a bigger bed (Deirdre is a 1935 25ft wooden gaff cutter). Along with a small quarterberth, these are the only bunks on the boat.

Plans were drawn, measurements were taken, wood was cut, holes were drilled, brass screws were screwed in with their slotted heads all perfectly aligned… success!

The starboard bunk cushion fits well enough in the same space, so it’s easy to put the two cushions together for a much bigger bunk.

Deirdre bed slats


The best bit is, when it’s not in use as a bed, you can make it into a coffee table – less obtrusive than the alternative dismantle-able fixed table (the bracket for which is on the forward bulkhead). Look:
Deirdre bed slats

It’s a fantastic use of space on a 25ft classic sailing boat, and lovely to be proud of your own work.

We know that these areas of the marine industry like ship-wrighting, boatbuilding, carpentry etc. are all highly sought-after positions and well regarded, so we’ll be posting some more insider features soon. If you have any insider tips you’d like to share about your experiences, please get in touch with us here or via our Facebook page.

How about you? Get up to anything salty? Any interesting projects on the go?

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