Hollywood Barges - Yellow Submarine hotel boat

Want to run a wacky hotel ship?

Don’t fancy being an employee? Want a shorebased life working around boats, meeting lots of new people? How about running your own boat hotel?

Check out these three amazingly eccentric hotel boats we saw posted for sale by Boatshed Lancashire:


Hollywood Barges - Titanic hotel ship

Titanic Hotel ship, complete with semi-sinking angle and propeller out of the water.


Hollywood Barges - Yellow Submarine hotel boat

Yes, of course… it’s The Yellow Submarine hotel ship



Hollywood Barges - The Joker Boat hotel ship

‘The Joker Boat’ hotel ship. Very pink.

These guys, Hollywood Barges, own the three boats and run them all as Airbnb-type rentals. The Yellow Submarine is pretty much fully booked over weekends now for the next few months, but you could stay for one night in the week for £199. Not a bad business model. It looks like we’ve spotted a bit of industry news with all three of their boats being placed on the market for sale. I wonder why they are selling and what they’re going to do next? We’ll have to find out and report back.

In all seriousness, setting up an enterprise like this could be a real winner. With Airbnb becoming a popular concept for people staying in quirky accommodation, and with the naysayers of Brexit talking about more people holidaying at home, why not take an entrepreneurial look at your options?

There are lots of interesting vessels available on the market, depending on your budget and your DIY skills. And if you can find a suitable boat but don’t have the capital, you might be able to take out a business loan and secure it on the vessel.

But don’t get too excited and overlook the factor of having to find a suitable mooring – many marinas won’t allow you to run an Airbnb/hotel boat as they are worried about people coming and going, but there are some marinas which are more open-minded. You could even think further out of the box: hotel ships are relatively uncommon in the UK, but if you search for accommodation in somewhere like the Netherlands, you’ll find loads!

Of course, a good way to decide if this is what you want to do before making a big investment yourself would be to get a job working on an existing hotel boat. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for jobs and let you know if we find any – so make sure you’ve signed up to our email newsletter on the right.

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