The Big Salty Green Blue

It’s Time To Talk

OK guys… it’s about time we had this conversation. You’ve asked for it. And everyone’s talking about it.
The environment. Shipping. The maritime industry. Plastic bloody straws.
Eleanor took this photo in the BEAUTIFUL Poole Harbour in 2016. Look at that moon. The nature reserves. And then the great big ‘Blue Bay’, oh the irony.

Our Environment

As sailors and salty folk, we see the impact of our environmental disasters before anyone else.
Sealife strangled by plastic packaging.
Giant foil helium balloons in the middle of the sea.
Huge containers littering our oceans, thrown off ships in storms, a danger to navigation.
Tall Ships unable to access shoreside recycling facilities.
Caribbean Islands importing more produce than they produce locally, with disastrous environmental and local economical consequences.
And yes, plastic straws on beaches.
When you’re working on and around the water, you see it all the time. Environmental consequences. Everywhere.

Time To Change

Sail Cargo seems to be one way of sticking two fingers up at all of the craziness surrounding our supply chains and consumer consumption.
And Sail Training International does support the Blue Flag global scheme through its Sail Onboard website, alongside marinas around the continent.

What’s Out There?

But what else is going on out there to actively support our environment? How can we use boats as a platform for this? What are the best practices you’re seeing in your work? What’s missing? What are you angry about?
We’ll turn all of this into a useful resource. We can all help give back as much as we take from this beautiful world, and inspire others to enjoy our maritime landscapes in the same way.

Join In The Discussion

Please join in the conversation about our environment and what the marine industry can do to help. It’s a Big Salty Green Blue out there and we love it. Here’s how you can get involved:

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