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Meeting Turn To Starboard

Salty Adventures To Falmouth

Our salty adventures took us to Falmouth today, where we met the fabulous folk at Turn to Starboard and their vessel Spirit of Falmouth. 

Turn To Starboard

Turn To Starboard are a wonderful charity, using the magic of sailing to support Armed Forces personnel (serving & retired) affected by military operations. We first met them at the Southampton Boat Show 2017, where SaltyJobs were exhibiting.

Sailing not only has therapeutic effects, but also opens doors to new careers (as we well know!). Turn To Starboard started three years ago, and has since provided 1000 sailing opportunities to veterans, helping many of them gain sailing qualifications to start new careers in the marine industry.

And if that’s not awesome enough, Turn To Starboard is launching a competitive racing division in May, from a new base in Portsmouth Harbour. 

Onboard Spirit of Falmouth

We’ve previously admired Spirit of Falmouth from afar so it was a privilege to look aboard her today, whilst the last bits of interior refit are finished.

Spirit of Falmouth - Turn To Starboard - SaltyJobs

She’s beautifully spacious down below. Look at this lovely open accommodation cabin – and the smart new wooden floor, just laid. 

Spirit of Falmouth - Turn To Starboard - SaltyJobs

And my favourite feature was this engine room hatch/lobby:

Spirit of Falmouth - Turn To Starboard - SaltyJobs

Watch This Space

It was fantastic to meet Turn To Starboard. It seems a natural partnership for us to work together, helping encourage people from all walks of life – included affected military personnel – to turn their passion for sailing into a career. 

So, watch this space, and we’ll see you soon Falmouth.

Spirit of Falmouth - Turn To Starboard - SaltyJobs

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