Arthur Beale Are Onboard & Small Worlds Strike Again

Arthur Beale Are Onboard

Well, I have some very exciting news for you. Our latest job, just posted, is a position at the fabulous Arthur Beale chandlery on Shaftesbury Avenue in Central London. 

My adventures – especially childhood ones, growing up nearby in Surrey – have taken me to London over the years. Arthur Beale’s traditional yacht chandlery conjures up nostalgic feelings, many nautical treasures just waiting to be discovered. Based in the heart of theatre-land, the store is full of maritime props and you can have real fun discovering hidden gems. No trip to London is complete without a visit, and perhaps a small purchase, for your boat, of course. 

Meeting At The Boat Show

So imagine how cool it was to meet Alasdair, who took over Arthur Beale’s chandlery in 2014, at the Southampton Boat Show last year.

SaltyJobs launched in 2017 and exhibiting at the Boat Show in September was a real highlight of our first season.

We met many of our industry heroes, including the Arthur Beale folk!

Southampton Boat Show 2017 - SaltyJobs

Keeping In Touch

We have since kept in touch, on Instagram and Facebook – these really are two important tools for our business and wider industry. Investing in our social media strategy has seen results paying off again and again, and we’re keen to develop partnerships this way.

We love this fabulous drawing of Arthur Beale’s shop, on the infamous Shaftesbury Avenue in Central London, by marine cartoonist Claudia Myatt:

Small Worlds Strike Again

And then, it happened again. Another amazing small world coincidence. This salty horizon is full of them.

A little while ago, I received a lovely message from Paul Eedle. Paul is the owner of 1907 Looe lugger Guiding Star and wonderfully supportive of SaltyJobs. 

It turns out that Guiding Star is based in Plymouth, and so are we. Last week, we arranged to meet up with Paul onboard Guiding Star. She is one lovely dandy-rigged lugger, and we brought along a friend who is in the process of buying another Looe lugger. Yes, small world.

Guiding Star - Looe lugger - SaltyJobs

Visiting Guiding Star… Arthur Beale Onboard!

Ready for an even smaller world? As we arrived at the boatyard to see Paul, my phone rang from Arthur Beale’s, confirming they’d like to post a job with us. Awesome! I am genuinely so excited about working with them. 

And then something even more awesome, stepping aboard Guiding Star for a tour and cup of tea… to be greeted by this on the saloon table:

An Arthur Beale ditty bag. I was looking at them online an hour earlier.

What a small world indeed. Paul keeps Guiding Star in Plymouth, but lives in London, and had bought this on his way through. 

Two Great New Connections

So not only are we super excited to work with Arthur Beale, but we’ve also made a new friend and loved meeting Guiding Star, and the two worlds have already joined up, making our salty net that little bit wider.

We’ve also proven our audience is exactly who Arthur Beale are trying to reach, and are looking forward to helping them find a new team member.

What’s Next

So… what’s next? Well, we’ve just posted the job at Arthur Beale’s so click here to discover more & apply for it.

I also think that we might have to see about special SaltyJobs edition Arthur Beale ditty bags… who’s in?

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