Salty Ships: Pegasus – 2008 72ft Gaff Cutter

About ‘Pegasus’ 2008 Gaff Cutter

Built as a replica Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, Pegasus was commissioned by The Island Trust as a custom-built addition to their sail training fleet.

Pegasus was designed by Ed Burnett, and built by The Bristol Classic Boat Co. by the Rolt brothers in Bristol’s Floating Harbour at Redcliffe Wharf.

Ship Particulars

Year 2008
Builder Bristol Classic Boat Co.
Built Bristol, UK
Length Overall 72ft
Length On Deck 56ft
Beam 14.9ft
Draught 8.6ft
Sail Number TSK645
Home Port Plymouth, UK
Permanent Crew 2
Trainee Berths 10

Pegasus’ Work With The Island Trust

The Island Trust specialises in providing sail training voyages for young people, across their fleet of three boats. Pegasus was designed specifically for sail training with young people in mind.

Voyages onboard Pegasus are suitable primarily from ages 14-18 but on occasion, crew may be as young as 10 and up to the age of 25. The Island Trust provides bursaries for young people to sail on Pegasus. These are based on need, and can represent up to 100% of costs.

The majority of the young people who sail onboard Pegasus come as part of a youth or school group and often face disadvantages and extra challenges in their lives. Pegasus creates the perfect holistic platform for young people to change their horizons and push their boundaries.

She has the simplest rig of The Island Trust vessels and as such is easy for our younger crew members to handle safely under sail and motor. Being gaff-rigged, she offers great opportunity for everybody to get involved in hoisting, dropping, and tacking her sails. 

The Island Trust - sail training


Pegasus has a very strong construction of oak frames and larch planking, with highly coveted bronze knees. Her long keel keeps her smooth and steady through the water.

She is a seaworthy vessel, based on the famous seaworthy capabilities of the traditional Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters. Pegasus is rigged as a gaff cutter with a retractable bowsprit, easily run in & out to make close-quarters manoeuvring more manageable.

She is light and spacious below deck, with great cooking facilities and living accommodation, encouraging holistic development alongside sailing skills. 

Events Pegasus Takes Part In

Pegasus makes her mark on the sail training circuit, having competed in the Tall Ships’ Races, and Small Ships Races. 

In addition, Pegasus runs a select number of adult charters throughout her season to support her work with young people. These include famous maritime festivals such as Paimpol Chant du Marin.

Pegasus’s Current Work

Since she was launched in 2008, Pegasus has been run by The Island Trust from their base in Plymouth. Hundreds of young people have already sailed onboard her, experiencing life-changing voyages.


Pegasus spends her season based out of Plymouth, operating from March to November. 

Throughout the season, her itinerary sees her making voyages all around the South West coast and across the Channel. Her trips are usually 6 days long.

Depending on the weather forecast, tides, and needs of the voyage group, she can venture East, West or South. She regularly visits some of the most inspirational harbours and anchorages in the UK, including Falmouth, Mevagissey, Fowey, Kingsand/Cawsand, Salcombe, Dartmouth and Brixham.

Pegasus’s Crew

Pegasus operates with two permanent crew:

  • Skipper
  • Mate

The Skipper needs to be qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, with a commercial endorsement. S/he also needs an RYA Cruising Instructor or Yachtmaster Instructor qualification, so voyage participants can work towards RYA Start Yachting or Competent Crew certificates.

The Mate ideally needs to hold an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or above certificate of competence, with commercial endorsement.

Alongside their permanent crew, Pegasus often sails with volunteers. There is room for a training/volunteering position onboard, where no qualifications are necessary. This provides a great opportunity to invite outstanding young people back to further develop their sailing & youth work skills. Want to volunteer? Contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with The Island Trust.

SaltyJobs & Pegasus

Our founder Eleanor has been involved with the sail training industry, first as a young person then volunteer then professional crew, since 2007. She followed the build of Pegasus and has since been lucky enough to both volunteer and work onboard her as relief crew since 2013. 

Work Onboard Pegasus in 2018

SaltyJobs is currently helping The Island Trust recruit two new First Mates for the 2018 season. One position is to work onboard Pegasus, and the other working on Moosk but you’ll have the chance to sail on both.

Discover more & apply using those links. Contact us for more info.

Share Your Pegasus Stories 

Have you sailed on Pegasus before, as a young person recently or in the past? Worked on her as permanent crew? Played a part in her history? Always wanted to join a voyage onboard her?

Let us know! We’re here to represent your voice and our community. Say ahoy and join in with other SaltyJobs crew. Share a comment with your Pegasus stories and experiences below.

Alternatively, you can send us a message directly.

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