Salty Ships: Moosk – 1906 58ft Gaff Yawl

‘Moosk’ 1906 Gaff Yawl

This fine gaff yawl was was built in 1906 as a classic gentlemen’s cruising yacht by W.H. Thomas in Falmouth, UK. Moosk is traditionally rigged, at 39ft on deck and a bowsprit giving her an overall length of 58ft.

Moosk is the smallest of three vessels in The Island Trust’s fleet. Her work primarily focuses on sail training with young people. She also makes a fantastic, unique traditional RYA training platform – you can take your RYA Competent Crew or Day Skipper onboard Moosk.

This beautiful classic yawl also participates in annual Tall Ships Races in the Baltic every year, a fantastic adventure for her young crews.

Ship Particulars

Year 1906
Builder W. H. Thomas
Built Falmouth
Length Overall 58ft
Length On Deck 39ft
Beam 10.7ft
Draught 7.3ft
Sail Number TSK645
Home Port Plymouth, UK
Permanent Crew 2
Trainee Berths 8

Construction, Build & Restoration

Moosk was one of the first boats to be built with an auxiliary engine. She was the joy of many owners during her first 40 years of life, after which her sailing history became somewhat obscure until 1998. Moosk was found abandoned and wrecked in Glasgow, and was rescued by the ISCA who transported her to East Anglia. Her re-build was completed by G. Brown & Son in Southwold, Suffolk and she was re-launched on 21 August 2001.

In 2015-16, Moosk underwent considerable work by her present guardians The Island Trust. This has enabled her to continue charitable work with young people, many of whom are disadvantaged, for many years to come. Her historic importance has been respected and maintained, and Moosk is proud to be on the UK National Historic Ships register. She is also the recipient of National Lottery Funding.


Moosk has a very strong construction of oak frames and teak planking, strapped with iron floors and knees.

She is a seaworthy vessel, rigged as a gaff yawl. Her simple and handy to sail with a fine and deep hull that makes her light through the water.

Her accommodation is simple and traditional, and provides an ‘intimate’ environment for up to 10, including 2 permanent crew + 8 trainees. 


 Moosk’s Work With The Island Trust

The Island Trust specialises in providing sail training voyages for young people, across their fleet of three boats. Moosk has been specifically restored for the purpose of  sail training with young people.

Despite being their oldest vessel, Moosk is also the smallest in the Island Trust’s fleet. This makes her particularly suitable for voyages with groups who need close supervision, or with younger members. She is equally well suited to individual teenage sailing weeks. Being gaff-rigged, she offers great opportunity for everybody to get involved in hoisting, dropping, and tacking her sails. 


Voyages onboard Moosk are suitable primarily from ages 14-18 but on occasion, crew may be as young as 10 and up to the age of 25. The Island Trust provides bursaries for young people to sail on Moosk, based on need, and covering up to 100% of costs.

The majority of the young people who sail onboard Moosk come as part of a youth or school group and often face disadvantages and extra challenges in their lives. Her traditional characteristics and family-like size creates the perfect holistic platform for young people to change their horizons and push their boundaries.

Moosk spends her season based out of Plymouth, operating from March to November. Throughout the season, her itinerary sees her making voyages all around the South West coast and across the Channel, and up to the Baltic.

Moosk’s Crew

Moosk operates with two permanent crew:

  • Skipper
  • Mate

The Skipper needs to be qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, with a commercial endorsement. She or he also needs an RYA Cruising Instructor or Yachtmaster Instructor qualification, so voyage participants can work towards RYA Start Yachting or Competent Crew certificates.

The Mate ideally needs to hold an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or above certificate of competence, with commercial endorsement. Because of her size and coding, this isn’t essential if equivalent experience is present.

In addition to her permanent crew, Moosk has 8 berths available for trainees (including young people & group leaders if necessary).

Moosk – A Traditional Training Platform

Moosk also works as a great traditional training platform for permanent sail training staff. She has hosted Yachtmaster prep courses, and many young sail training skippers (mostly female, which is great) have come up through Moosk. Because of her size, she makes a great first traditional vessel to command. 

Alongside their permanent crew, The Island Trust often invites volunteers to sail on their vessels. There may be room for a training/volunteering position onboard, where no qualifications are necessary. This provides a great opportunity to invite outstanding young people back to further develop their sailing & youth work skills. Want to volunteer? Contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with The Island Trust.

National Historic Ships UK

Moosk is proudly on the National Historic Ships UK register. You can find her listing on their website here:

National Historic Ships Logo SaltyJobsWork Onboard Moosk in 2018

SaltyJobs is currently helping The Island Trust recruit two new First Mates for the 2018 season. One position is to work on Moosk, and the other working onboard Pegasus – but you’ll have the chance to sail on both.

Discover more & apply using those links. Contact us for more info.

Share Your Moosk Stories 

Have you sailed on Moosk before, as a young person recently or in the past? Worked on her as permanent crew? Played a part in her history? Always wanted to join a voyage onboard her?

Let us know! We’re here to represent your voice and our community. Say ahoy and join in with other SaltyJobs crew. Share a comment with your Moosk stories and experiences below.

Alternatively, you can send us a message directly.

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