Salty Ships: Faramir – 1982, 22m Ketch

About Faramir

Built in 1982 specifically as a sail training vessel, Faramir is 22.35m overall with a bermudan ketch rig. Her original name was ‘Arethusa’, after the name of her original owners. She later became ‘Bulldog’, and finally ‘Faramir’ since 2006 when she became part of The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Faramir remains a dedicated vessel of Cirdan Sailing’s fleet, focusing on sail training with young people. Groups are often disadvantaged in some way and receive bursaries to sail aboard Faramir on week-long residential voyages from the East, North East and Scottish coast.

Ship Particulars

Year 1982
Designer David Cannell
Length Overall 22.35m
Beam 5.26m
Sail Number TS GBR198
Operating Area North East UK
Permanent Crew 3 + 1 volunteer bunk
Trainee Berths 15
Website CirdanTrust.org

Construction, Build & Restoration History

Faramir is of wooden construction and was built specifically as a sail training vessel, by naval architect David Cannell in the UK. She was launched in 1982 as ‘Arethusa’, named after her original owners, an organisation called ‘Shaftsbury Homes & Arethusa’. 

She saw many years of service, and developed a following of loyal sailors. In 2002, Arethusa was sold on to another sail training organisation who changed her name to ‘Bulldog’. Not being able to fulfil her potential, her owners sold her to The Cirdan Sailing Trust in January 2006.

Her named changed again, when Cirdan took ownership of Faramir in 2006. She is absolutely ideal for their work, and continues her work taking disadvantaged young people to sea on residential trips. 

Faramir’s Work With The Cirdan Sailing Trust

The Cirdan Sailing Trust specialises in providing sail training voyages for young people. They have a fleet of three sailing vessels to specifically undertake this work – Faramir, Queen Galadriel, and Duet.

Faramir starts and ends her season in Ipswich, Suffolk and then spends the winter at Cirdan’s HQ in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex.

From late April to June Faramir usually operates from Newcastle for coastal voyages and occasionally longer sea passages to more distant ports. In July and August, she often sails further afield. Faramir has previously competed in The Tall Ships’ Race, and explored the west coast of Scotland. She then returns to the north east for September and October.

Her ketch rig provides a great platform for everybody to get involved in hoisting, dropping and tacking the sails.

Being a ketch, the level of work involved in sailing her can be increased or reduced given the needs of the groups.

Here’s a great screenshot showing her GPS tacking track, before running away from Storm Aileen in September 2017.


Faramir’s Crew

There are three permanent crew onboard Faramir:

  • Skipper
  • Mate
  • Bosun

The Skipper needs to be qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, with a commercial endorsement. She or he also needs an RYA Cruising Instructor or Yachtmaster Instructor qualification, so voyage participants can work towards RYA Start Yachting or Competent Crew certificates.

The Mate needs to hold an RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or above certificate of competence, with commercial endorsement.

The Bosun ideally needs RYA Day Skipper and RYA Power Boat Level 2, but equivalent experience is accepted. This is seen as a training and development role, with the potential to progress through Cirdan’s fleet with support to access funding for further training. 

All of her professional crew need to have their ENG1 or ML5 medical certificates to endorse their health for working at sea. 

In addition to her permanent crew, Faramir has a fourth hand’s bunk available in the aft crew quarters. Opportunities are available for passionate individuals to volunteer as fourth hand in order to build their experience further. Often, this means that particularly keen young people from sail training voyages are invited back to sail as a volunteer.

Work Onboard Faramir in 2018

SaltyJobs is currently helping The Cirdan Sailing Trust recruit two new Bosuns for their 2018 season. One position is to work onboard Faramir, and the other is the job onboard their gaff ketch Queen Galadriel – but you’ll have the chance to sail on both.

Discover more & apply using those links. Contact us for more info.

Our Connection With Faramir

Eleanor, the founder of SaltyJobs, first sailed with The Cirdan Sailing Trust as a young person in 2007. She was 16 years old and sailed for four days onboard Faramir. Her group joined & departed the vessel in Ipswich, feeling like a whole month of adventure had passed in the meantime.

She went back to volunteer with them later that summer, and spent 6 weeks onboard Faramir and Queen Galadriel. Through volunteering, she was sponsored for an ASTO & Trinity House bursary to support professional RYA sailing qualifications. 

Share Your Faramir Stories 

Have you sailed onboard Faramir, perhaps when she was known as Arethusa or Bulldog?

Let us know! We’re here to represent your voice and our community. Say ahoy and join in with other SaltyJobs crew. Share a comment with your Faramir stories and experiences below.

Alternatively, you can send us a message directly.


Your comments: join the conversation

Salty Ships

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