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SaltyJobs has moved… to Bristol Harbour

Change happens

As 2017 rolls on and we begin to look towards our plans and dreams for the next year, natural change begins to happen.

For the last 9 years, SaltyJob’s founder Eleanor (that’s me) has lived on boats. Big boats, little boats, sailing boats, motor boats, traditional boats, plastic boats, wooden boats, gaff-rigged boats, ketch-rigged boats, cutters, fishing boats, sinking boats, floating boats, boats ashore, boats in the mud, boats at home, boats abroad… all kinds of boats…

And now it’s time to try something new.

Full steam ahead

Wanting to focus more on SaltyJobs – living on boats invariably becomes a full-time occupation in itself – I have moved to Bristol, to live in a house. For the first time in 9 years, and the first time ever as an adult. It’s going swimmingly so far. Not literally.

It’s exciting for SaltyJobs. Desk space creates head space for the work to happen.

Bristol Harbour

Bristol couldn’t be a better base. With its harbourside steeped full of maritime history, the city offers salty connections and friends such as the tall ship S/V Kaskelot whose home port is Bristol. Alongside her is The Mathew, the infamous Underfall Boatyard, and the even more infamous SS Great Britain, plus many other marine gems to discover.

SaltyJobs - Eleanor - anchor Bristol

Bristol is geographically perfect

It’s also a fantastic stepping stone to the rest of the country. In building SaltyJobs, we want to build connections, partnerships, and real communities.

We chose Bristol because it puts us in a fantastic geographical location to access the South West including Cornwall and Devon… the south coast including Dorset, the Solent and further east… Wales is on our doorstep just across the Severn, and the Midlands and up North aren’t too far either. We’re expecting to be on the road (and sea) meeting top marine employers all around the country, bringing a real insight into job opportunities.

The future… and the now

This is just the beginning. And one thing is already clear: house or not, there are going to continue to be boats, boats and even more boats in my life.

Are you in Bristol? Come and say hi – let’s meet for a coffee (or beer) by the harbourside, we’re going to be out exploring.

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