Petition: Keep Yarmouth Stores Open

Yarmouth Stores is Closing

So sad, it’s the end of a 119-year-long eraYarmouth Stores in Plymouth’s Barbican is closing and its staff are being made redundant.

Can we help keep it open and save these salty jobs? The current manager has worked there since 1975, being their fourth manager in 119 years. It will be a great loss to the sailing community to see it close.

They sell woolly jumpers and canvas sailing smocks that sailors & tall ship crews buy when they stop in Plymouth on passage. It’s so sad that it’s closing. Sailors around the country, alongside locals & tourists, have worn their clothes for years and everybody knows about this little gem.

We need more independent shops like this, not fewer.

Sign the Petition

We’ve put a post up on our Facebook & Instagram and are raising support to try and keep it open.

The feedback from this was so great that we’ve created a petition – sign it here:

Show Yarmouth Stores’ head office that this is a local treasure and we don’t want it to be the end of this era on our watch.

Your Support

Some of the comments from the community include:

“That’s sad! I still have a jacket I bought there 20 years ago.” Mark Giles Woodman

“It would be very sad to see this fine shop closed.” Albie Roberts

“Such a loss. Always excellent service and such a part of the Barbican for so many years.” Pat Hammond

I was the postie who delivered to this shop for a number of years, such a shame, wonderful staff, had a good chat and a laugh every day.” Colin Ford

“Noooooo the Barbican will never be the same. This store is part of the Barbican fabric and a Plymouth legend.” Steve Parke

“We need more small friendly shops like the Yarmouth store and less corporate chains.” James Forsyth




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