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Success Story: Tall Ship Kaskelot Deckhand

Introducing Tall Ship Kaskelot

Kaskelot was originally a traditional Baltic Trader, launched in 1948 by J. Ring-Andersen, one of the world’s most reputable shipyards. She was built for the Royal Greenland Trading Company at the Svendborg shipyard in Denmark.

During the 1960s Kaskelot worked as a support vessel for fisheries in the Faroe Islands. In 1981 she was taken over by Square Sail here in the UK, and converted to replicate a traditional three masted barque.

Kaskelot - work on a tall ship

Kaskelot has since featured in TV & film opportunities, and regularly takes part in maritime festivals around the UK & Europe. 

Kaskelot Hold - SaltyJobs

Meeting Kaskelot

We first met Kaskelot in 2016, the season we discovered the infamous T. Nielsen’s shipyard in Gloucester Docks. I arrived to work onboard Queen Galadriel, in the yard for refit & new decks, April 2016. (By the way, QG is looking for a new Skipper.)


Kaskelot coming in to T. Nielsen & Company’s yard in Gloucester Dock

And in 2017 we continued to cross paths with Kaskelot, again beginning with a meeting in Gloucester in the spring. We then bumped into this fine ship and her salty crew at maritime & tall ship festivals all round the country, from Plymouth to Liverpool.

An Opportunity Arises 

Now it’s April 2018, and Kaskelot is about to make her way from her home berth in Bristol Harbour to Gloucester, for her annual refit. 

This time last week, they were one deckhand down, and the clock was ticking.

Kaskelot urgently needed to recruit another Tall Ship Deckhand to join their crew. Thankfully, SaltyJobs came to the rescue.


Read the original job advert here:       

Phenomenal Response

We posted the Tall Ship Deckhand job advert on SaltyJobs, and shared it via our social media networks and wider community.

The job:

  • Reached over 28,000 targeted individuals
  • Has been shared over 250 times

…all within just a few days.

That’s our most popular job yet, and an absolutely fantastic response.

An Perfect Opportunity

That’s because it’s such a great opportunity, and we have the ideal audience of salty sailors looking for jobs just like it. Whoever gets this Tall Ship Deckhand job, is going to experience six of the best weeks of their life, working aboard Kaskelot during refit at Gloucester. It’s a thing. 

So we also managed to attract a lot of very strong, qualified and experienced applications. Many of these might be useful to Kaskelot as potential future crew. There really are some great connections being made here.

In the end, the role was filled within 24 hours. Kaskelot’s awesome Ship Manager, Jessie Atkinson, gave us this fantastic feedback:

Kaskelot - SaltyJobs - Employer Testimonial

See You In Gloucester

Yes guys.

Super excited to have helped, and that Kaskelot will be sailing with a SaltyJobs-recruited crew member onboard. 

We’ll see you in Gloucester!

P.S. Took this photo as we followed Kaskelot along the canal this time last year:

Kaskelot - Gloucester & Sharpness Canal - SaltyJobs

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