SaltyJobs T-Shirt Sails To Antigua

We Made It Happen

We did it! How cool is this…

Back in December 2017, we were contacted by Magali who was keen to get hold of a SaltyJobs t-shirt. The only catch was that Magali was in Antigua, working on yachts, and didn’t want to ship her t-shirt by air. 

Magali basically set us the challenge to deliver her a SaltyJobs t-shirt by sea. She was in no rush; she would be out in the Caribbean until April, and then find a boat to head across the Pacific. Magali loved what we are doing with SaltyJobs and wanted to show her support by wearing a super fresh salty t-shirt. If only we could get it to her by boat.

Challenge accepted.

We put out a request for help on our blog & Facebook page:

A Salty Request: From England To Antigua

A Plan Emerged

Very quickly, Richard Howell replied. Richard lives in the UK and runs his own sailing school & delivery company, Howellsail, with his wife Michelle. Richard’s next trip was coming up soon: sailing from the Canaries to Antigua onboard Fujin II, an Oyster 545. If we could post Richard a salty t-shirt for Magali in the UK, he could take it with him to the Canaries (OK, a little bit of plane journey), and then sail it across the Atlantic.

A splendid plan.

Here’s a photo of salty-T having arrived with Richard in the UK, before he sets off to Liverpool Airport. A lovely photo taken by wife Michelle – that photo on the wall is hers, too,  and features in the RYA’s ilovesailing calendar for August 2018!


From The UK To Lanzarote

It wasn’t long before salty t-shirt spread its wings and arrived in the Canaries. Richard landed in the sun just after the New Year – safe to say I was very jealous.

We set up a Facebook chat group between Magali, Richard, Michelle and I to track salty-T’s progress. It was so cool every time a photo like this came through – this is the first known ocean crossing of a SaltyJobs t-shirt. That’s when you know you’ve made it!

SaltyJobs T-Shirt Boom Sun

Crossing The Atlantic

Richard had a great trip across the Atlantic.

Look at Fujin II’s YB Tracking here – they made good time:

Fujin II YellowBrick Atlantic Antigua SaltyJobs

After a few weeks at sea, the crew of Fujin II scrubbed up smartly just before landfall in the Caribbean:


Arriving In The Caribbean

After a smooth crossing, Richard arrived in Antigua – well done! He soon made plans to meet up with Magali.

In the meantime – it’s official – this is the first salty-T to be transported as sail cargo. A tiny step in a big world but it feels really cool.

Salty T was finally delivered to Magali in January 2018, by Richard, after sailing it across the Atlantic Ocean.

Michelle flew out to join Richard and took these lovely photos. Again, when these popped up in our chat group, I really did smile. And pretty jealous too. This time last year I was out there.

I think we might have to plan SaltyJobs Antigua 2018/19.

Making These Connections

Throughout my whole life I’ve been entrepreneurial and I’ve loved boats. I’ve also been passionate about people, and stories. I love people. Meeting new people, making connections; and stories. Telling stories, giving light to great tales. Ultimately putting people and stories together to help and inspire.

To see these photos and chat with Magali on Facebook, to think that SaltyJobs is doing what I really want it to do – connecting people – it’s awesome. Thanks to all of you for your support, and especially Magali, Richard & Michelle.

It’s Official: SaltyJobs Goes Worldwide

SaltyJobs has officially landed in the Caribbean.

But there is more adventure to come.

Magali’s off across the Pacific next, and salty-T is going with her.

Magali SaltyJobs T-Shirt Antigua

Plus, we reckon Richard should have a t-shirt too, and we can see where he takes it – but he’ll have to sail back here and collect one!

Here’s to Magali, Richard, Michelle and all the other salty sailors being awesome around the world. 

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