A Salty Request: From England To Antigua

A Great Message

So we usually get lots of messages, emails and phone calls every day from salty folk with salty questions… from mammal observation to marine engineering.

An unusual request from a SaltyJobs crew member came in yesterday. And it might be one of our favourite yet. Magali sent us a message: 

“Hello, do you think there is a way I buy a salty t-shirt and that a boat from your network sails from the UK to Antigua bringing the t shirt? I’ll be in Antigua until April, so not in a hurry, I think it’s too bad to ship it by plane (unless someone gets it in her/his bag). Let me know 🙂


Sounds like a challenge we’re up for. Let’s make this happen!

From England To Antigua

We have salty t-shirts in the south west UK.

Is anybody travelling, by boat or plane, to Antigua in the next few months?

Could you take a salty t-shirt with you? 

SaltyJobs tshirt ladies back

The sailing season has started in the Caribbean now. This time last year we were sailing on Amaroo in the BVIs, cruising south to St Lucia and Barbados. Whilst many places were hit badly by the recent hurricanes, including Amaroo herself knocked over in her storm cradle, some islands such as Antigua were untouched.

It’s a popular place to escape to in British winter, and there are lots of opportunities to land work on a yacht with the Caribbean on its itinerary. Make sure you visit some of the islands which were hit, too, to see if you can bring supplies or simply to help keep their tourism economy going. 

Magali’s Sailing Story

Magali is an ex-deck stew on a classic Schooner. She’s out in the Caribbean for the winter to find work and/or volunteering, and is staying in Antigua.

“I’m freelancing, temping, day working on yachts, the rest of the time I’m hiking and chilling practising guitar, I want to get to truly know Antigua and meet the people coming with their boats.

At the moment I’m a temp laundry housekeeping stew for a christmas boss trip. After that I’m willing to stay in Antigua to get sailing, maybe racing, probably do my Day Skipper at On Deck, scuva diving and stay to see all the sailing activities and events until April for the Classics regatta.

In the meantime I’m also open to volunteer for projects after the hurricanes and anything with manual work (help painting, sanding varnishing houses…)”

In 2018 she wants to do a Pacific Crossing taking in the French Polynesia and ending up in New Zealand.


Let’s Make It Happen

Can we help her find something cool? Get in touch if you can offer Magali an awesome opportunity. Her CV is great.

And who can take a salty t-shirt with them? 

Just don’t tempt us with a space on a boat… we’ll want to go.


UPDATE: Salty T Is On Its Way

As you can see in the comments below, the brilliant Richard Howell replied. He has since received Magali’s salty t-shirt in the post, and flew from the UK to Lanzarote with it at the beginning of January 2018.

Richard is sailing a lovely Oyster across the Atlantic to Antigua and will hand-deliver Magali’s t-shirt. Michelle Howell sent us this photo this morning – it’s on its way!


Richard’s boat will have a tracker, and we’ll share the link when they set sail.

It’s officially the first SaltyJobs t-shirt sailing across an ocean… and our first foray into sail cargo.

Magali is planning on sailing across the Pacific this summer, so we look forward to awesome photos of salty t-shirt on its second ocean crossing.

Some good salty stuff is happening, keep it up guys.

Bon voyage Richard.

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