26-28 May 2018: Salty Events On This Weekend

26-28 May 2018 Bank Holiday

This weekend, 26-28 May 2018 is an extra long one for many, with a bank holiday on the Monday in the UK.

However, if you are crew working onboard a ship at one of the many events this weekend, it won’t feel like much of a holiday for you!

Some of these events even go on until the 30th. 

What’s Going On? Salty Events Around The Country

There are lots of salty events happening around the country this weekend, with many of our friends working on their vessels at festivals around the coast.

Here’s what’s going on – let us know where you are, what you’re going to, and what you’re missing out on!

BrixFest & Brixham Heritage Regatta

Brixham sees two big salty events this weekend. The whole weekend from 26-30th May celebrates BrixFest, the community spirit pouring out of this real working fishing harbour on the English Riviera. 

The Brixham Heritage Regatta sees over 30 traditional vessels gather for an event celebrating those historic vessels still sailing, over the 26-28th May. It is a sight to behold, with Torbay covered in red sails, as it once was.

Get to meet some of the crews onboard Brixham’s working fleet and find out about opportunities for volunteering and crewing.

When in Brixham… make sure you meet local marine photographer extraordinaire, Peter Hunt, who will be photographing the Heritage Regatta in full action this weekend.

Lowestoft Gritfest – Excelsior LT472

Another festival weekend special, Lowestoft celebrates GritFest, in memory of Lowestoft’s historic beach village and nearly forgotten fishing village, known as The Grit.

Our friends onboard the traditional Lowestoft smack, Excelsior LT472, will be taking centre stage, and running Open Ship throughout the weekend. Lowestoft is her home berth, so this is a perfect opportunity for her to promote real maritime history.

This will be a great chance to look onboard a real working smack, and find out about volunteering & crewing opportunities onboard sail training voyages throughout the season. 

Harwich International Shanty Festival 2017 Excelsior Queen Galadriel SaltyJobs

Excelsior alongside Ha’penny Pier at the Harwich International Shanty Festival 2017. This weekend’s Gritfest is just along the coast in Lowestoft, Excelsior’s home port, with Open Ship running all weekend.

Liverpool Three Festivals Tall Ship Regatta

This is the biggest event of the weekend – the Three Festivals Tall Ship Regatta sees the Liverpool, Dublin and Bordeux Tall Ship Regattas combined in Liverpool. A fantastic event celebrating the maritime heritage of the north of our country, bringing together over 15 tall ships from around the UK & Europe. 

A special hello to our friends Tall Ship Zebu – who will be running Open Ship, selling hand screen-printed t-shirts, talking about volunteering opportunities and what’s next for Zebu.

Classic Sailing 2018 Pilot Cutter Review

It’s that time of year again! Classic Sailing hosts its 12th Pilot Cutter Review, seeing around a dozen or more traditional working vessels sailing off the coast of Falmouth. 

You might still be able to hitch a ride as crew on one of the vessels, or soak in the atmosphere and imagine how this coast would once have always looked.

What Are You Up To?

Let us know what you’re up to – whether you’re at one of these events or doing something far away from the crowds! Also – what have we missed? What else is going on that we should add to our article… or pop along to?

Leave a comment below to say hello, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Don’t forget to take a photo of you wearing your SaltyJobs t-shirt and enter it into our salty t-shirt competition, especially if you’re going to be at one of these awesome events this weekend. You could win a brand new t-shirt, and you can enter each month.

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